iOS 15 Impacts on Email Marketing for eCommerce Brands

iOS 15 Impacts on Email Marketing for eCommerce Brands

How Apple's iOS 15 Update Will Impact Email Marketing 

A number of eCommerce marketers are concerned about the upcoming iOS 15 update by Apple (released between September and November).

New features in this update will have a fundamental impact on multiple eCommerce marketing channels, including Email Marketing.


Update To Apple IOS 15 And Its Impact On Email

Mail Privacy Protection (FREE):

Apple Mail users will be able to opt into privacy features that mask IP addresses and prevent 3rd parties from tracking key metrics such as open rates.

The Apple Mail app will give users free VPN access that aims to work against eCommerce Marketing strategies by hiding open rate metrics and user location data.

Expanding email marketing capabilities requires both of these metrics, especially for brick-and-mortar stores.


Hide My Email (for iCloud +)

A service called Hide My Email, or HME, hides a person's personal email address by using a random one instead. The "fake" address will forward emails to the recipient's personal inbox, so important communications shouldn't be affected, but brands won't be able to identify it as a real email address.

This is still a matter of speculation. After the full rollout of HME, we will know the full impact.

As indicated in the latest data from analytics firm Flurry, 96% of Apple's users turned off tracking when the iOS 14.5 update was released. With iOS 15, we can anticipate a similar adoption rate among Apple users.

As Apple continues its privacy campaign while shifting gears toward anonymizing its users' data, knowing your audience's mobile device of choice and how they prefer to access email has never been more important than now.


Is Email Marketing Going To Stop Working?

There are a few ways you can adapt to and leverage these everlasting changes, even though this update will hit hard on Email Marketing since data collection is becoming more scarce.

Klaviyo technical specialist Francis Baker spoke about the iOS 15 update.

"The email space is constantly evolving. Let's rewind back to 2018 when we had to deal with the chaos and change of GDPR—that shook the email space—or even CCPA, another large change. This industry will constantly change and, as marketers and deliverability folks, we'll adjust" - Francis Baker, compliance and deliverability technical specialist (Source: Klaviyo)

Although Apple's privacy change may cause initial problems for email marketers, in the long run, all marketers will adjust to it and find new ways to capitalize on this opportunity.

Are we going to see an end to email marketing? Clearly, the answer is no. As long as you are able to adapt to these changes in an effective manner, email marketing will remain one of the oldest and most profitable marketing channels.


Email Marketing And iOS 15: How To Handle?

Here at EcomHype, our expert team of eCommerce growth specialists is always creating strategies to stay ahead of these changes.

Here are some tips and strategies on combating iOS 15:


Revise your segmentation strategy to focus more on clicks than opens 

With iOS users, open rates and subject lines may no longer matter. Nevertheless, click-through rates, onsite behavior, and purchase history remain the most critical measures.

Keep track of your click-through rates today in order to establish a baseline from which to compare performance once iOS 15 is available.

Additionally, set up UTMs for each campaign you are promoting so you can compare the data in Google Analytics.


What does this mean for open rates?

Many other operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Android, and Linux, still support open tracking, which means other systems can make use of these metric segments in addition to iOS.

To measure the level of engagement of your subscribers, engagement segments cannot rely solely on open rates. Click-through rates and order placement behaviors should be the focus of your new engagement segments. You will obviously have a smaller number of recipients populated for these segments, but they will be high-quality, engaged profiles.

Look into the new engaged iOS 15 segments for your email marketing campaigns to be prepared for the iOS 15 release.


Suggested Email Segmentations:

Segment 1)

  • Users who "Clicked Email" at least once "In The Last 45 Days."
  • Users who "Placed Order" at least once "Overall Time."
  • A profile is "Not Suppressed"


Segment 2)

  • Users who "Opened Email" at least once "In The Last 45 Days."
  • Users who "Placed Order" at least once "Overall Time."
  • A profile is "Not Suppressed."


Segment 3)

  • Users whose email addresses end with "@icloud(dot)com."

Here is what you need to know:

The first takeaway is that we will split the segments into three different campaigns and that Email Segment 1 will be sent first since it is the most engaging segment compared to the others. Email segment 2 will be sent in a separate campaign and will not include the subscribers in segment 1.

The second takeaway is to exclude the "@icloud(dot)com" email subscribers for every email campaign and to make the "@icloud(dot)com" subscribers segment in a separate campaign to avoid icloud(dot)com subscribers accidentally lowering the open rates metric on other campaigns.


Refine The Non-Engager Re-Engagement Flow

Process for re-engaging unengaged subscribers:

We've found that the non-engaged re-engagement flow has been an effective way to inactive subscribers who haven't opened emails in a long time. Email marketers will have to move away from the old methods of defining and implementing non-engaged users' Re-Engagement Flows as a result of the Apple iOS 15 update.

Open rates have been relied upon heavily in the past to determine where users sit in the engagement tier and which pool they must fall under before the Re-Engagement Flow will deploy.

By the time iOS 15 hits, the open rate will have to be replaced by other metrics for segmentation, such as average order value, purchase history, and frequency.

For example, create two different tiers of re-engagement flow,

  • First Tier: Flow for Non-Email Openers Re-engagement
  • Second Tier: Flow for Non-Email Clickers Re-engagement

 The two flows will exclude one another.


Hygiene Of Your Email Lists Is Essential.

Make sure your deliverability is in order. The main priority should always be maintaining a healthy mailing list, sending reputation, and achieving high deliverability rates. Streamline your list while you still have fresh data on open rates and engagement.

In terms of email list cleaning tools, both Glock-apps and Litmus can be extremely helpful.


Leverage SMS Marketing

Privacy update for IOS 15 updates are bringing many changes that will have a major impact on email marketing. SMS Marketing is a vital way to combat the changes. If you aren't collecting any contact information for your SMS Marketing campaigns, you need to begin immediately before your competitors. 

One way of growing your list is to use a two-step opt-in popup, which allows customers to subscribe with both their email address and phone number. For a popup, it is strongly recommended to offer incentives and an extra incentive to sign up for SMS marketing services.

Further, you can begin including a banner containing an easy opt-in option in the header of your email marketing campaigns, which is a great way to convert your existing email subscribers into SMS subscribers.

In addition, if you have a lot of followers on Instagram, you could provide a special incentive link to encourage them to sign up for SMS marketing. Swipe-up features are a good way to do this, or you can even add them to your bio. One SMS marketing app for Shopify, Postscript, enables you to create a link that generates a unique discount code for subscribers who opt-in through the link.

It is crucial that you start implementing this marketing strategy as soon as possible for your SMS Marketing success and to stay on top of your competitors. SMS marketing campaigns are more engaging since it's the primary channel through which people communicate with friends and family, whereas email marketing campaigns can land in the promotions tab. However, you should send fewer campaigns than email campaigns and do so at the time of day when people are most active. The campaigns must also be segmented and personalized to keep the unsubscribe rates low and the engagement rate high.

EcomHype is a proud Postscript Certified Partner and ready to help you take advantage of SMS Marketing for your eCommerce business.


What You Need To Know About Apple iOS 15 Email Marketing Updates:

Keep your cool and remain calm. It is true that Apple's iOS 15 update will become more challenging for marketers, but there is always a way around it.

Our team at EcomHype sees this as a positive step forward for user experience.

Content quality, better user experience, and trust among consumers are expected to become more important for brands. Engaging customers, increasing lifetime value, and increasing customer loyalty will result from this move.

As a channel for building an engaged following who will actively support your brand, email marketing continues to be one of the most profitable.

Are you interested in learning how your eCommerce brand's email marketing strategies can be refined? We are not just an email marketing agency or a digital marketing agency, but an eCommerce growth partner that brings impact on eCommerce brands. We truly treat all our client's businesses like ours and spend all marketing budgets wisely to bring you ROI you've never seen before. Contact us today to speak with our team of eCommerce growth specialists!