Holiday Season is Coming - How to Prepare your eCommerce Business for Q4

Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tip

Those running an eCommerce business know that Q4 will be a busy season. Due to the high consumer demand, the holiday season is the ideal time to take advantage of your eCommerce brand. What will you do to make sure that you ride the wave of the biggest shopping season? In this blog, We'll be going over tips and strategies you can implement today to prepare your eCommerce brand to crush the upcoming holiday shopping season. 


You can implement many marketing strategies as an eCommerce business owner. Digital marketing involves a number of strategies, but a few are essential. Among other strategies needed, you should implement email campaigns to promote your holiday sales, social media ads and social media posts to get more subscribers, and SMS marketing to increase your sales. We want to help you achieve your business goals by implementing the right modern marketing strategies so you can succeed during these major shopping holidays. It's important that you take notes and take action on the following strategies we'll discuss to improve your marketing efforts.


Start Early Before Your Competitors

Starting early to prepare for Q4 is crucial for your success as it will help you get a higher ROI. In Q4, due to the industry trends of all your competitors and big players spending heavily on marketing costs to promote holiday sales, the CPM (Cost Per Impression) will rise.  It's crucial to run your ads today to start building up some lists that you'll be able to target for BFCM or Christmas. 


Start building your list early.

Building a marketing list early on for future Email Marketing and SMS campaigns is a great way to boost your ROAS. Q4 is a battleground for eCommerce businesses as potential customers are eager to buy their gifts this year. As a result, if you start your campaigns a little earlier, you can build a larger list at a lower cost and get the opportunity to promote your products before your competitors. 

Give early access to existing customers.

Before the holiday flash sales begin, previous buyers are already in the consideration phase. Providing early access to existing customers who purchased your product is another way to increase your online sales. You will convert those customers better than cold audiences as long as you provide good service and an enjoyable customer experience since they will probably think about gifting the product to their family or purchasing another one for themselves at a better cost. Consider promoting early access three to seven days in advance to existing LTV customers. 


Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tip

Ecommerce Holiday Marketing Tip

Important Statistics

Let's discuss a few essential Q4 marketing statistics vital to your brand's success, as well as some more marketing tips to help you succeed this holiday season.

  • Over 25% of holiday sales were made via email in 2019
    • Email marketing is extremely important, so you want to make sure you're using it effectively during the holidays.
  • Email subscribers spend MORE than non-subscribers
    • If you're only using paid ads to acquire new sales, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. Depending on the product, you might receive an order of $50 from paid ads, while your email subscribers might spend over $100.
  • Free shipping isn't performing as well as it used to
    • Since more and more people shop online, free shipping has become a given.
    • You will convert more customers if you offer bundle discounts coupled with free shipping.
  • Smartphones drove 50% of E-commerce sales in 2019
    • Ensure your emails, landing pages, and the whole user experience are optimized for mobile because that is where a majority of traffic will be converted, and it will continue to grow in the future.

Important Notes

  • Remove old opt-ins that offered incentives during holiday sales
    • During your sales, you want to ensure to remove old opt-ins that offered incentives because this will eliminate double-stacking sales before the holiday sales for Q4.
    • Furthermore, it is important to change the current opt-in message in order to create excitement for the upcoming sales. Instead of offering a discount incentive, it could be something like "Enter your email to receive exclusive updates on the first-come, first-serve BFCM sale," and then email them something else instead of discount incentives to avoid confusion. Emails that highlight the brand story or the product USP can create FOMO around your product. 
  • Leads generated during a sales period are less valuable
    • Usually, during a sales period, leads will not be repeat customers since they only bought due to the discount, making it much harder for them to become repeat customers.
    • Combat this by spending MORE time nurturing them and encouraging them to do more business with you over time. Take time to develop post-purchase campaigns that will inform and nurture potential repeat customers. This will eventually lead to loyal customers. 
  • Combining email and SMS can maximize their effectiveness.
    • Email marketing will be affected by iOS 15. Email campaigns will lose their ability to track the click-through rates properly, meaning your emails will appear to have lower open rates than they actually do. In addition, Apple providing burner accounts for privacy will result in lots of leads opting in just for the discount. Therefore, combining SMS and email in tandem can help you analyze the data more properly and adapt to the changes to convert more sales.
    • In contrast to email, SMS tolerance is much lower, so sending fewer campaigns is essential. SMS marketing is a best practice for sending sales announcements and reminders. After sending your SMS campaign, do not contact them the next day because it can become annoying; let email do the rest of the talking.

Lead Generation for Email/SMS Marketing

Lead Generation for Email/SMS Marketing

One of the most important things that helps an eCommerce site is a lead generation. Lead generation for an eCommerce store helps you generate more traffic into your store. When people are visiting your store, you want to keep them engaged with your brand and eventually convert on the site.

Here are some tips that we like to utilize:

  • Spinning Wheel
    • Although some people might find gamified opt-in popups annoying, they are a great way to collect leads. It is also a way for you to warm up traffic by engaging with potential customers. 
  • Holiday specific quizzes
    • Giving your customers holiday-specific quizzes is a great way to educate them on what products they might need for the upcoming holidays. It makes it easier for consumers to choose what to buy as a gift or for themselves.
  • Collect both email and SMS
    • In order to maximize your ROI, you need to collect both SMS and email. Lead capture forms using double opt-ins are very effective. It might be beneficial to offer a bonus to users signing up both for email and SMS in order to increase their opt-in rates. 
  • Delay pop-ups by 10 seconds
    • A pop-up that appears right after visiting can be extremely annoying and can motivate potential customers to leave. Especially on mobile devices, it is crucial to delay pop-ups by ten seconds.

Increasing Cart Conversions

Increasing Cart Conversions

Increasing your cart conversions is one of the biggest challenges when running an online business. You have to make sure that all elements of your website work together seamlessly. Here are some ways to improve your conversion rate:

  • Keep shipping costs low
    • The cost of shipping is one of the most common reasons why people abandon their carts. The new standard for eCommerce is free shipping and free returns, which have become more and more popular as eCommerce gets more competitive. 
  • Avoid hidden costs that appear on the checkout page
    • Any additional costs added to the cart, such as tax, can make the total cost too high, likely turning off potential customers once they reach the checkout. All necessary costs should be included in the price so that the price remains the same at checkout. 
  • Make your guarantee/return policy visible.
    • When purchasing something online, one of the biggest issues is not being able to handle and feel the product in person. It is important to offer a hassle-free return policy or a money-back guarantee in case the customer is not satisfied with the product when it arrives. 
  • Include payment options
    • If you are only offering one payment option, such as PayPal, and your customers do not like PayPal, they might leave; therefore, offering multiple payment options is an excellent way to increase conversion rates by improving the user experience.
    • It is also a great idea to offer install-payment options to potential customers. As the payment can be split four ways, it gives the customer less pressure to buy higher-cost products. It will allow you to increase AOV.


Take Massive Actions

It's no secret that Q4 is one of the busiest periods of time for eCommerce brands. As we all know, sales and demand increase during this time, so this is certainly the ideal way to ride the wave and increase your revenue. The key to seeing real results is to take massive action.

We have provided a summary of key action steps for your business:

  • Invest more in building your list 
  • Optimize store for increased cart conversions
  • Replace old email opt-ins with new holiday opt-ins
  • Build out more in-depth lead nurture sequences (for holiday buyers)
  • Map out start and end dates for email and SMS

Kick-off your holiday eCommerce marketing plan now, and be prepared for the busiest time of the year by implementing the strategies we've discussed in this blog. If you are interested in learning more about how to create an eCommerce business that will succeed year-round, please fill out the form below and receive a complimentary audit from our team of experts at EcomHype. With our hyper-growth strategy, we are ready to serve your business to leverage omnichannel presence.