E-Commerce Marketing Strategies: 5 Proven Ways to Increase Sales and Traffic

E-Commerce Marketing Strategies: 5 Proven Ways to Increase Sales and Traffic

There are many ways to grow your eCommerce business and increase revenue without Google Ads or Facebook Ads and just relying on organic methods. The following blog post will outline eCommerce Marketing Strategy to grow your brand without spending money on ads. I will discuss the tips and the process of using organic methods to grow your eCommerce business with an effective strategy that you can implement right away for optimal ROI. If you are an eCommerce business owner, take notes and action so that you can begin to see the difference.


Have a Unique Product


The best products are the ones that stand out from the rest. People will want to buy them. These products can include anything from a unique style or color, or unique features, or, of course, unique stories. Use Visuals Any successful eCommerce business needs great visuals, but it's especially true when starting. Showcase your products, as well as photos of your products from customers who love them. Grow a Customer base Customers who love your products want more of them.


Use product creatives that will resonate with the customer of your niche and brand messaging. For example, if you are in the cosmetic niche, showcase your product being applied, ingredients of the product, and a video highlighting the unique selling proposition. One of the ongoing trends I've noticed is brands are embedding more Instagram Stories alike videos to their product pages that highlight the key features of the product and showcasing user-generated content.  Not only is this great since it's interactive, but it will also help you rank higher if you update the meta-tag with relative keywords to the brand/product.


Use Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an effective way to build a brand without having to spend money. Social media content is a great way to connect with your customers and potential clients. You can post about new products, promotions, or even share pictures of the office! Social Media also allows you access into people's lives that would not have been possible before social networking sites became popularized in our society (think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube). It has become an essential tool for businesses because it gives them direct contact through their followers without having any filter from traditional marketing methods like print ads which are often seen as intrusive by consumers today. This means they get more engagement than other advertising types on these platforms - so why wouldn't we want this? The best part: there isn’t really anything negative associated directly with using SMM, unlike PPC, where many people skip the ad without even looking.


Make sure to upload content on a regular basis with relevant hashtags to help reach more people and to grow your engagement rates. Having great content on your social media channel will help you attract potential customers through brand awareness. If you need an idea for a content marketing strategy, do an audit for your competitor's profile and replicate what's working (Content with high engagements).


Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing that uses social media to reach out and connect with influencers. It's important for brands, especially eCommerce businesses, who want more exposure on the internet. The best part: there isn't really anything negative associated directly with this advertising method, unlike PPC, where many people skip ads without even looking at them. In other words, it gives you direct contact through their followers, which are often seen as intrusive by consumers today. But when you look closer at the accounts you choose, it's often difficult to tell whether they're genuine or just trying to get your business off the ground by using their influence. Finding the right person with the right skills and the right message will take some work. You'll want to search for influencers who are active in the industry and regularly engage with others in it. You'll also want to find accounts that have been verified for authenticity by the platforms they post on (either Facebook or Instagram).


Most people think that influencer marketing is just about posting an ad on a social media platform. This is very wrong. Influencer marketing is all about creating relationships with potential or existing customers. These relationships are formed through content and community building. The same can be applied to e-commerce businesses where you do not only think of how you can sell your products easily but also influence the public into thinking that your brand is the best, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Having said that, there are three categories of influencers that help in general branding for your e-commerce business by addressing them in different ways, such as A-list, macro, and micro-influencers who are segmented by how many followers they have. For example, influencers with more than two million followers will be considered as A-list, influencers with between a hundred thousand to two million followers will be considered macro-influencers. And lastly, those who have less than a hundred thousand people following them are micro-influencers.


Use SEO To Optimize Your Product Pages

The best way to grow an eCommerce store? Let's say you're not even sure you're doing everything right, but you know there's room to grow. You may want to use SEO (search engine optimization) to make your store even more visible online. Here are four simple tips to optimize your product pages: Make sure your product descriptions are clear and easy to read. Add a great photograph of your product. Add a product video that gives a thorough demonstration of your product's functionality. Add a product rating from Amazon or a third-party review site. If you use one or more of these techniques, your product pages should rank higher in Google search results.

Another thing to consider is your website speed. If you are getting tons of clicks but have a really slow site, the visitors are most likely to outbound before viewing the contents. Therefore, you must optimize your website speed. I've gathered quick tips on how you can optimize your loading speed today. Firstly, use websites like gtmetrix.com to check the loading speed of your site. If your site is ranked above C, you need to optimize the images to ensure faster loading.


Use Email & SMS Marketing

E-mail marketing and SMS marketing are a proven way to keep customers engaged and drive more sales. For example, if you have website visitors, it's a good idea to capture the email address and phone number to grow your list of target customers. You can also include special offers just for those new customers that just visited your website. As you build up the list, you'll be able to broadcast your special promo and news to your lists and help you build LTV customers. Depending on the time of year, you can also send out holiday promotions. If you are running your own e-commerce business or are planning to start one soon, you need email and SMS popups. These are pop-up windows that you can place in your store to collect information from your customers.  Popups can also be used as a tool to collect data and improve your e-commerce store. Here I'm going to walk you through how to create an excellent e-commerce email and SMS campaign on Shopify. Our favorite SMS service provider, Postscript.io, is a highly effective way to engage your audience and keep them coming back for more. They are the perfect resource for eCommerce owners looking to increase their opt-in rates. After you sign up with Postscript, you will start with an email pop-up. Then you can add a two step SMS pop-up next to it, we usually go in order of email then phone number. Great ways to improve your opt-in rates are by offering an exclusive discount to those who fills out their information.

Start sending emails and SMS today to your subscribers if you haven't because you'll be amazed by the unexpected sales coming in. Also, you can set up automation flows to automatically send emails and SMS based on the actions customer took. For example, suppose a potential customer went through the checkout process but left without finishing it. In that case, you can set up an abandonment cart sequence to remind them they left without checking out. If a customer purchased the product, you could set up a flow to keep them updated regarding shipping information such as shipping times, return policies, and even unique coupon codes for thanking them. This will significantly reduce the amounts of inquires you'd get with your support and help you grow your revenue with fewer marketing efforts. There are lots of e-mail marketing tools available for eCommerce, but we recommend Klaviyo as it's the most advanced tool out there if you are using Shopify.



You've learned 5 new ways to grow your eCommerce business without spending money on ads. It's our goal to help you grow your online business so you can make money instead of just selling things. If you want to reach your target audience by growing your followers through social media platforms, click here to learn more about our Hyper Growth Strategy!