15 Proven SMS Marketing Strategies to Boost your eCommerce Business

15 Proven SMS Marketing Strategies to Boost your E-commerce Business

In today’s world, text messaging has become ubiquitous. The use of SMS marketing is on the rise, but many businesses are still unsure about how to implement it into their promotional arsenal.

With the proliferation of smartphones and a flood of articles and resources on how to do so, there's no longer a question if you should be using SMS marketing - rather, it's now a question of "how?"

Here are 15 proven strategies for boosting your eCommerce business using SMS marketing. These tactics will help you get started with this effective tool that can give your company an edge over competitors who don't have these skills yet!

What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, or short message service marketing, is a way to market your business through text messaging. It combines the speed and brevity of texting with the consumer's comfort level in receiving advertising from their mobile device.

You can send SMS marketing messages to promote your products, services, or events. You can also use it for text reminders and customer service to boost customer engagement.

With the increase in mobile phones, SMS marketing has become a valid way of increasing sales even with limited resources. Having an effective strategy is important to get more customers interested in your business.

Why Use SMS as a Marketing Tool?

These days, text messages are one of the most widely used methods of mobile communication. Sending them is quite convenient and cheap compared to other forms of marketing.

80% of customers prefer receiving SMS updates on their special offers as compared to any other form of advertising. This form of marketing also has great advantages for businesses that have very limited resources when it comes to advertising.

SMS marketing doesn't require much time or money which makes it suitable for small and medium businesses needing a cost-effective way to promote their services or products. In addition, SMS marketing has the highest open rate of major mobile marketing techniques (up to 97%).


The mobile phone is a person's best friend. People can send text messages to keep in touch with friends and family; know the latest news; or check on their bank balance at any time of the day! 

Nowadays, people are even using them to shop online! This increases your sales by tapping into relevant marketing opportunities.

Self-Service and Prompt Response

People can send a text message 24/7 from their own mobile device which is more convenient than making calls or sending long emails to your business. It has instant response, unlike paper ads!

Two-Way Communication

Unlike traditional marketing strategies where people are bombarded with offers and oftentimes do not respond, the SMS medium is a two-way communication that allows you to send offers and promotions which will resonate with your audience.

Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce

Benefits of SMS Marketing in eCommerce

High Open Rate & Click-Through Rate

The open rate for SMS marketing is the highest of all mobile marketing tactics, which makes it a great way to reach your target audience.

SMS marketing has a lower cost and is easier to implement than other forms of marketing, especially for small and medium businesses with limited resources.

Increase Customer Loyalty

As a business, your goal is to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. A personalized and engaging SMS marketing campaign will help you interact with your customers and gain their trust. This creates a win-win situation as compared to cold emailing or traditional forms of advertising where there isn't any personal touch.

Get a Higher Open Rate Than Emails

An average email gets a 15% open rate so if you send an email to 1000 people, it means you'll get 150+ opens. But text messages have a 97% open rate which is much higher than emails! What this essentially means is that when a customer receives your SMS message on their mobile phone, it will most likely be read.

Achieve Higher ROI With Spending

The ROI generated from text marketing is 19 times higher than any other mobile advertising channel. It also offers better conversion rates and provides businesses with an opportunity to reach customers who may not have heard of them otherwise through traditional marketing channels like radio, newspapers, etc.

Improve Internal Operations

SMS marketing is a form of communication that keeps employees informed about the company's events or announcements. 

When employees are updated on any new development within your business, there's less chance of errors or delays because they're aware of everything that goes on. This way, you can save money, time, and effort from a series of meetings and other internal communications channels.

Affordable Marketing Channel

SMS marketing is one of the most affordable forms of mobile advertising for small businesses or start-up businesses looking to advertise their services or products. 

It doesn't require you to hire a professional team like other marketing tactics do and can be managed by existing employees, which means your budget gets spent on what's important: better and more efficient services!

Increase Brand Awareness

With rising consumer awareness about SMS marketing, it has become an effective way to market your business and create brand awareness. 

When customers buy from you, they would not only have bought your product or service but will also think about using it in the future as they've already associated it with you. You can engage them again by sending out offers to remind them that you have something to offer and that they can buy from you as well.

SMS Marketing Is Not a Waste of Time

Lots of businesses believe SMS marketing isn't worth their time and it's an ineffective way to market your business. But when you consider the high open rate, response rates, instant delivery, and personalization options offered by SMS marketing, it becomes clear why businesses should rethink this strategy. It's here to stay so make sure you use it effectively!

Test New Ideas

It helps boost sales for seasonal products or test new product lines using an SMS marketing strategy before conducting a major campaign. 

This allows you to gather customer feedback which gives you unique insight into consumers' opinions about your company which in turn helps improve sales performance resulting in higher revenue.

Channel for Internal Communication

SMS marketing helps communicate critical information and updates to employees promptly, thereby reducing the effort spent on e-mails, memos, or other forms of internal communications which might not be read by everyone in a timely manner. This means better management!

Track ROI More Effectively

The majority of businesses use an ineffective mobile strategy without focusing on what matters – tracking their return on investment (ROI). SMS marketing provides you with powerful analytics that tracks everything from response rates, click rates, opt-in rates to sales conversions. 

Combine these with real-time reports and you can know exactly what your customers want and deliver personalized offers at the right time which will improve customer loyalty and boost sales. 

By using a reliable SMS marketing software like Postscript, you can confirm the delivery status of each and every message sent out making sure that customers receive your messages. Additionally, it offers visibility into the number of voicemails your business has received.

Use Sms to Win Back Customers Who Haven’t Purchased in Quite Some Time

It's easy to keep customers up-to-date with the latest promotions and events. Additionally, it is also important to provide service reminders or product updates that would encourage people who haven't purchased from you in a while to become loyal customers again.

Also, you can grab the attention of potential clients by sending them promotional messages about your sale benefits details on how they can register for upcoming sales, etc. This way, they have no reason not to opt-in!

If you already have an eCommerce business but are still confused on how to use text messaging correctly in your marketing, here are 15 proven strategies for boosting your eCommerce business using SMS marketing:

15 SMS Marketing Tips for Ecommerce Business

Personalize Your MessagesPersonalize Your SMS Messages

Using SMS marketing allows you to send personalized messages without requiring any extra effort or time. 

For example, it's possible to include the name of your customers in a single message and address them directly every time they receive an offer or notification from your company instead of "Dear customer" which makes the message feel less personal. This may help increase conversion rates as well.

Encourage Repeat Business 

By sending out promotional messages about sales and upcoming product launches, you can encourage repeat purchases when people remember that they owe their loyalty to one brand over others. 

This helps retain existing customers and boosts your revenue by increasing regular purchases. Plus, you'll be reinforcing consumer confidence in your brand which matters more than anything!

Giving Customers the Best Deals and Offers

SMS marketing allows you to present attractive deals and offers to your customers. It's easier than ever for businesses to gain customer loyalty because of the convenience of mobile devices and this trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

Offer new promotions that will entice people into trying out your business with a discount or special offer that they won't want to miss. You can also use time-sensitive messages to remind people about things like upcoming events and deadlines as well.

Remind Them About Past Transactions

By sending SMS texts after several days, you can let customers know how much they appreciated their previous purchase and ask if they have enjoyed it so far. This helps keep good memories alive from past purchases while encouraging them to buy more in the future.

Your services/products deserve to be appreciated! It goes without saying that customers will feel more loyal and they may also try to convince other people about buying from your business in the process. This can help you grow as an eCommerce company if done effectively!

Don’t Overdo It 

SMS marketing is effective, but only when used correctly. 

Avoid using SMS texts for every promotion that you're doing because no matter how amazing you are, the customer will eventually get annoyed with too many messages. 

Instead, use SMS text messaging strategically and send out a promotional offer now and then which gives them just enough to be excited about. You should also avoid sending repetitive promotional offers or spamming your customers because this is what leads to people switching off and ignoring your texts.

Make It Easy to Opt-in

If you send unsolicited messages, this can lead to spam complaints or a bad reputation for the business. 

The best way to avoid this is by giving customers an option to subscribe and only sending out promotional messages when they have confirmed their subscriptions. This gives them a reason why they should receive these offers in the first place!

Create a Sense of Exclusivity

You can also take things further by creating exclusivity and encourage more purchasing activity by giving early access to sales events for subscribers, while those who have not subscribed will get to enjoy it at a later date.

Create a Sense of Urgency

If you are promoting a sale, make sure to tell customers that there is limited stock! Provide a discount code or link for them to order right away.

Make Your Message Stand Out

Add something extra like visually appealing graphics to your text message marketing strategy. Make sure it catches the customer's attention. 

It could be an image of a product they might enjoy or an offer for them to download your mobile app to avail discounted prices just by texting you back. If you want credibility and attractiveness, ensure that the message looks professional so that it has that impactful effect on the reader at first glance.

Create a Sense of Scarcity

People love special offers. Offering an exclusive sale to those who are the first 100 customers is a great way to encourage your customer to shop right away. Add a sense of urgency through a countdown timer or other means so that the consumer feels like they have less time than others to get in on this limited-time offer and must act now.

Use Call to Actions

Require a response from customers so that they are interacting with your business. In this case, you can ask them to respond with an answer in order for them to receive the special offer or discount code. 

With an effective call to action, you can also encourage people to follow you on Facebook and Twitter, comment on posts, etc. This is a great way of connecting with potential clients and boosting your social media presence.

Get the Timing Right

You must also ensure that your timing is right. If you only send messages once a week, this may be too little and customers will forget about it. However, if you send them out every single day, they might get annoyed or overwhelmed by the number of texts clogging up their inboxes. Find the balance between sending out promotional offers too often and not often enough.

Remember that SMS text marketing is a powerful tool and when used right, it can get your business moving in the direction that you want it to go! So don't forget to utilize this strategy but also find new ways to integrate it into your eCommerce business.

Use User Data to Improve

As consumers, we're defined by our behaviors. In the past, businesses could only collect customer information from surveys about their age, income, and gender. Nowadays with the development of analytics tools, data mining, and segmentation, eCommerce businesses are able to get much more specific about who their customers are.

And what these users do on your website, in turn, defines what they want. If you can identify how to use data mining and segmentation to improve your customer's experience, then you'll be able to increase sales conversions.

When it comes to eCommerce conversion rates, one of the main reasons is that customers aren't finding what they're looking for on your website. By simply adding tools to your website that helps customers search and filter products faster, you'll be able to increase sales conversions.

Notifications About Upcoming Sales and Discounts

Offering a discount on your site is the best strategy to increase sales conversions. If you can offer this discount right at the moment when your customer has decided to buy, you'll make an even bigger impact! 

Send out notifications through SMS marketing in advance about upcoming sales and discounts. This way if customers see something that they like but need to think about it, they'll be able to remind themselves later on.

Conducting Surveys and Quizzes to Know Your Customers Better

The more you know about your customers, the better your eCommerce business will do. Try asking them some questions as a follow-up to their purchase through SMS marketing. 

A few questions could include: 

  • How was your experience on our site? 
  • What else would you like to see in the future or what did you enjoy most? 
  • And, how likely are you to re-purchase from us again? 

By asking a few questions, this makes the customer feel like you actually care about them as an individual. So if they've had a bad experience it's likely they'll give you feedback so that your business can improve.

And of course, don't forget to reward customers for providing feedback and answering your questions. Customers love free stuff, and this will remind them to come back to your website again!

Sharing Company’s Updates and Interesting Tips

When customers participate in promotions or leave feedback, they want to know that you're listening. 

Make sure that you share interesting and relevant articles, pictures, and videos on your social media accounts. This way they feel like they are part of the team and will continue to spend money with your eCommerce business.

Congratulating With National Holidays and Special Occasions

Does your website sell products and promote events for a specific country? Then think about conducting an SMS marketing campaigns that start with 'Happy Independence Day' or 'Merry Christmas.' 

Your customers will feel special that you acknowledge the holiday they are celebrating. So by sending out these texts, it shows that you value their cultural identity, and this encourages consumers to spend more money with your eCommerce business.

Birthday Promos and Offers

Everyone wants something for free, and what's better than getting it on your birthday? 

By giving out promotional offers to any of your customers who have a birthday in that month is a great idea. This way you'll be able to build loyalty with your customers and demonstrate that you care about them as individuals.

Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews

Although negative reviews can hurt a business's reputation, they can also be an important source of feedback that can help improve your eCommerce company. 

Make it easier for customers to review products by giving special offers and deals which they can only use when they leave their feedback on your website. This way if there's something wrong with a defective product, you'll be able to fix the problem much faster.

Promote Products That Are in High Demand

If you can identify which product is most popular and in high demand, then promote it with SMS marketing. Not only will this help boost sales conversions but also encourage repeat customers and gain brand loyalty!


The possibilities of SMS marketing are virtually endless. This is why it’s important to understand what you want to accomplish with your text message campaign before diving in.

In this post, we've outlined 15 proven strategies for eCommerce businesses that have been successful time and again. Try one or all of these out today on your mobile phone! If the above list has left you feeling curious about how to increase revenue, read our hyper-growth strategy that has rescued many eCommerce businesses like yours. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.